Basic Rules for Bingo
75 Ball Bingo Card

A 75 ball bingo card consists of 25 squares that are arranged in a 5 x 5 grid (5 rows and 5 columns). 24 squares of these are filled with random numbers between 1 and 75, there is then 1 empty square in the centre of each grind which is known as a “Free Space”. The “Free Space” square is on every card and can always be found in the middle of the card.

At the top of each card you will find the word “BINGO”. Each letter represents a different column on the card. This is so the player can easily find a number to mark it off when the caller shouts the numbers. The caller calls number by saying the number and the letter of where the number can be found under. E.g. “B15”, “N39” and so on.

Certain numbers only appear under certain letters and knowing were each number should be if your card contains that number will come in very handy when playing the game, this format is used so the game can be played with some speed and it is not that difficult to remember the system.

The Number System

Column B - numbers 1 to 15
Column I - numbers 16 to 30
Column N - numbers 31 to 45
Column G - numbers 46 to 60
Column O - numbers 61 to 75

Different Style of The Game

Unlike 90 ball bingo where the game has set rules and the game always keeps the same, 75 balls bingo has three main variations of how the game is won: You either have to get all the 24 numbers , get either a vertical, diagonal, or horizontal line of numbers, or you have a pattern that your winning numbers need to make to be able to shout “BINGO”.

Style 1 - 1 Line

The following style is being the first person to either make a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line. The first person to do this shouts "BINGO" and then wins the game. The game can either end there or it can carry on for a full house game.

Style 2 - Full House

The point of the full house version is to cover all of the numbers on your card, for a new bingo player this version can be the easiest as the aspect of the game is the easiest, as soon as all of your numbers all covered shout "BINGO".

Style 3- Pattern Bingo

The pattern version is a popular variation of the game and the point of the game is to get the numbers that make a certain pattern on your card. With every game the pattern will change and there is an endless possibility of patterns and traditionally played patterns. Because with some patterns you only need 4 numbers to win the game can end very quickly or it can last a while, depending on how lucky your card is. Some people may think that games with such patterns would only last a short while, but with 75 numbers to be called you maybe waiting a while for your 4 numbers to be the lucky ones.

Instead of random patters being used, numbers and letters can be used instead, the concept is still the same but the pattern make out either a random letter or number.